Special Considerations Swimming Pools in the Carolinas: Fiberglass vs Concrete

It is an ongoing debate. Which swimming pool is best? But how do you get away from the bias that pool owners have for the type of pool that they chose? As pool experts, we are here to give you both sides of the story. In the end, you will most likely end up with a stunning inground pool whichever way you go. However, you will want to be prepared for your decision by being as informed as possible on the differences between concrete and fiberglass pools as well as the special considerations that should be made when building a pool in North or South Carolina.

By the time you get through this e-book, your research might be finished! Here's what it covers:

  • Installation Process for Fiberglass Pools
  • Installation Process for Concrete Pools
  • Misconceptions About Pool Popping/Floating
  • Discussion Points Specific to the Region
  • Topics to Review With Your Local Pool Expert

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